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Tower of London Collection, England
c. 1350-1400,

By the 14th C. the classical view of the Knight Medieval sword took shape in the Arming Sword. Light, well balanced with a more pronounced tapper and tip, the Arming battle ready sword proved to be a devastating weapon. This 14th C. innovation in medieval sword making was in response to the growing platted armors of the era. Tapered to give the battle ready sword a very effective stabbing potential while retaining it's powerful cutting ability, they came to be known as 'Arming swords' because they formed part of the Medieval Knight's basic yet necessary equipment, no matter what other weapon he chose to use in Battle.

The Arming medieval sword is classified as a type XVIII. The battle ready sword blades classified under this typological group gradually taper to an acute tip, hence providing the sword barer a powerful thrusting weapon against plated armor. The blade has a four-sided flattened diamond cross section, typically associated with the swords of the 14th and 15th C. The arming swords became an important weapon for knight throughout Medieval Europe. Both the English and French nobles used arming medieval swords as close quarter weapons. Due to their light weight and potent thrusting abilities, the relatively short arming battle ready sword became the prevailing weapon of the 15th C.



1060 High Carbon Steel, Tempered to a Rockwell of 53
Guard and pommel: Mild Steel
Total length: 36.5"
Blade length: 30"
Blade width at base: 2.25"
Weight: 2 lbs 4 oz.
Blade thickness: 1.8mm
POB: 3.5"

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