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Darksword Armory’s battle ready Medieval swords, daggers and other medieval weapons are individually hand forged in Canada by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. Each sword is reproduced from Museum originals, or created from a conceptual sketch. This commitment to forging historically accurate and fully functional battle ready swords is at the core of our success. Other than our medieval sword collection, Darksword Armory inc. also makes daggers and other medieval weapons.

This is how we have earned our reputation for making some of the most resistant combat ready medieval weapons in the market. It is also why we are highly regarded in the Medieval reenactment and stage community. Our medieval swords were also featured in movies, documentary film productions, and used among theatrical groups
(see portfolio).

Our blade-smiths individually hand craft each medieval sword using the same techniques as those used in the middle ages – hammer and anvil. This ultimately produces a sword that feels and looks as authentic, as the original medieval weapons.  All our medieval weapons are battle ready, as they are engineered with actual use in mind. This is done by making them with 1060 and 5160 High Carbon Steel. The sword and dagger blades are heat treated and tempered to a Rockwell of 53.

To buy a medieval weapon, we sell them blunt, for stage and reenactment combat. Should you wish to buy your medieval weapon(s) sharpened for cutting purposes, this option is also available.

Our staff also makes medieval armor and medieval armor parts, which mostly consists of: Gothic armor, historically accurate Gothic gauntlets, and Gothic gorgets for SCA and combat use.

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