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Darksword Armory’s battle ready swords, daggers and other medieval weapons are individually hand forged in Canada by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. Each battle ready sword is reproduced from the original, or created from a conceptual sketch. Our commitment to producing historically accurate, battle ready swords, daggers and other medieval weapons, has gained us a reputation for making some of the most resistant combat ready medieval weapons on the market, and thus, highly regarded in the Medieval reenactment and stage community. Our medieval swords have been used in movie and documentary film productions as well as among theatrical groups (see portfolio).

Located in the industrial sector of Dorval (Montreal), our blade-smiths individually hand craft each medieval sword using the same techniques as those used in the middle ages, hence hammer and anvil. Ultimately producing an authentic feel and look to the originals.

Made with 1060 and 5160 High Carbon Steel, all our medieval weapons are battle ready and engineered with actual use in mind. The sword and dagger blades are heat treated and tempered to a Rockwell of 53. We sell our medieval weapons blunt, for stage and reenactment combat, or sharp for cutting purposes. Our ever evolving collection of medieval weapons is based on originals found in various museums as well as private collections. This commitment to forging historically accurate medieval swords is at the core of our success. Our staff also makes medieval armor and medieval armor parts, mostly consisting of Gothic armor, historically accurate Gothic gauntlets and Gothic gorgets for SCA and combat use.


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Sword collector to share expertise at Japan Fest

When Earle Brigance gives a talk about samurai swords at the Kansas City Japan Festival on Oct. 3, he’ll share his knowledge of the weaponry, its history and the story of the most famous sword in his collection. Back in 1945, when Gen. Douglas MacArthur went to Atsugi, Japan, to formalize the surrender of Japan to the Allies, a young Japanese officer approached the general’s pilot, Col. Edward Imparato. He spoke English well and told Imparato that he wanted to give him a samurai sword that had been in his family for generations. Imparato sold Brigance the sword in 1996, and wrote him in a letter that he believed it to be the first Japanese sword given to an enemy on mainland Japan. “The Japanese have a different mindset than we do … if they deem (their enemy) to be a very worthy opponent, then they esteem them,” Brigance said “The only reason I can figure out that this young Japanese officer gave (Imparato) — without any prompting whatsoever — this sword was because he was acknowledging that they were defeated,” Brigance said. Among the different types of Japanese swords are some that were manufactured during World War II as well as some that have been handed down for centuries. One of the ways to determine a sword’s origin is to look under the hilt for the name of a craftsman. This particular sword is probably several hundred years old and has the name of a famous swordsmith, Tadahiro, etched at its hilt. Tracing a sword’s roots is a tricky thing, and Brigance doesn’t think Tadahiro actually made it....

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